Welcome to the personal website of conductor Levi Hammer, a musician of remarkable range and versatility who is invigorating the world of classical music today.   Here you can follow Levi's diverse activities, learn about his life, read the latest written by and about him, and stay in touch with him through the web!

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Enjoying the holidays reading Hesse's Siddhartha and Schnitzler's Dream Story and Night Games.  December 29, 2014

Nutcracker this week with the Akron Symphony and Ballet Excel Ohio.  And Akron Youth Symphony members join me for their professional solo debuts!  December 16, 2014

Two piano concertos - Bach and Ravel - in one day.  This is a first for me!  November 16, 2014

Prokofiev 5:  like Tchaikovsky, Prokofiev is always a ballet composer, never more so than in this symphony...and no one wrote better tunes than those two!  Oh, and Josh Bell isn't bad either!  November 8, 2014

Working on Weill's Mahagonny Songspiel.  Music sometimes so perfectly captures a time and a place, in this case Baden Baden 1927.  October 20, 2014

Always refreshing to return to Appalachian Spring.  This time around the mixed meters feel as natural as a folk song.  October 18, 2014

Brahms Hungarian Dances and Waltzes four-hands with Mark Gibson.  I love the way conductor-pianists play: always with conviction and authority, and they make the best song accompanists!  Gibson's quote of the week: "Besser Spaß zu haben als Kunst zu machen."  ("Better to have fun than to make art.")  September 16, 2014

Ives Variations on "America": the epitome of delightful quirkiness.  September 8, 2014

Debussy Petit Suite for orchestra.  Why isn't this piece programmed more often?!  So colorful!  And such lascivious inspiration in the Verlaine poems!  August 23, 2014

Reading Messiaen's analysis of Ravel's Le Tombeau de Couperin.  "...the palpable modesty with which Ravel allows a glimpse of a neutral seventh or ninth chord.  He stays on the edge of the picture and dreams of the castle into which he dare not enter..."  WOW!  July 31, 2014

Haydn 88: both rustic and metropolitan, witty and serious, effortless yet complex, confounding yet reassuring.  And the second movement is SUBLIME - no wonder Brahms wanted his 9th Symphony to sound like this!  July 21, 2014